The Super Scooper

Save time, save labor. Have more quality time. Picking the pasture is a job better handled by the Super Scooper. Spend time with the kids, the grandkids, your horse, your spouse or other activities that you would rather be doing.

The S
uper Scooper is your TIME machine. It saves you TIME. We only get so much time in our lives, why waste it in a pasture scooping poop?

The Super Scooper is a must have tool for the new horse owner or the seasoned horse owner. It will quickly become your favorite tool!



Horse owners clean pastures and paddocks for many reasons. First and foremost is to prevent spreading vermin and disease throughout the horses. Removing the manure also greatly reduces the flies. If you have a high water table or are close to a water source it prevents the nutrients from becoming water-borne which leads to algae. Some communities require removal of manure. And some horse owners just don’t want a scenic pasture filled with manure.