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“Just wanted to say how incredibly impressed I am with the Super Scooper. My mum has a serious back injury so this is just a life saver for her! We took a little video of it in action & have shared with our friends on Facebook.
It is such an incredibly clever invention. Funnily enough I saw it on The New Inventors years ago and thought it was ingenious then. As is the way of things I lost touch with it and it wasn’t until it appeared in my Facebook newsfeed somehow that we rediscovered it. Congratulations on inventing such a clever clever product. We are singing your praises to all!!!”

Thanks Chelsea and Lea


I have one! I love it. It’s amazing, it does just like he says, it really just floats over the grass. I use it with my zero turn mower. I have WAY less flies now because I’m able to go into the pasture and pick up manure and remove from my pasture. This is a no brainer investment for a horse farm! Worth it’s weight in gold!
 –Lisa Granfeldt Bain – Milan, Mi.

Why I love the Super Scooper US 

By: Nancy Harm owner of Harmony Acres Arabian Parade Horses

I first saw the Super Scooper USA at the Michigan Horse Expo in March of 2014.  It appealed to me right away since we have been removing manure from our paddocks and pastures for the past five years because our horses are on an Equine Worm Testing Program. Supper Scooper makes the job so much faster and easier!

 I love the Super Scooper because it is light weight and easy enough to be used by me to hitch up for collecting the manure and later to convert the wheels for dumping. The five easy steps for use are: attach, scoop, convert to trailer, transport, and dump.    It can be pulled by our tractor which has cruise control for our larger pastures, our Gaitor for the smaller paddocks, and even our golf cart which runs slower but is easier to turn around in our smallest areas.  The Super Scooper does an excellent job of picking up manure to make a cleaner, healthier environment for our horses. Less manure results in less flies too. 

The Super Scooper can hold about two wheelbarrows or 130 pounds of manure. The dimensions are 42 inches wide, 49 inches long, and 12 inches deep.  I generally empty when it is about ½ full for ease of me handling it, as I am a small woman senior citizen age 70 that weighs only 125 pounds. When using the Gaitor, I leave the tailgate down to monitor how full it is getting. I do not need to do so with the tractor or golf cart as the view is not restricted.

I am pleased to announce that our equine worming tests that just came back last week were negative for seven of our eight horses indicating no worming is necessary and positive for Strongyles in one rescue adopted mare who was promptly wormed and will be tested again.


Research suggests that not all horses require routine worming and often only a few horses in a herd will test positive and require worming.  In the Worm Testing Program, rather than rotate chemicals in a hap hazard quarterly administration program, we collect manure samples which have been tested by equine veterinarians.

 Originally, we collected about a tablespoon of manure from each horse which was put into separate plastic sealed bags and taken to our local veterinarian to be examined and tested every three months. At the beginning, we had several horses that that test positive and we used the worming product best designed to eliminate the most of that species of worms. We are currently using a mail- in testing kit program run by a veterinarian in Michigan. These and other kits can be ordered on line and from a number of veterinarian supply companies in the US and Europe.

Negative results require no worming. Positive results indicate the type of worms found and suggest the chemical product that will best address the problem. In addition, after the first frost, we   administer a recommended all-purpose wormer that includes the chemical for Tape worms which may not show up in the tests.

 I feel that this testing program is important due to the fact that horses and other animals are becoming resistant to the worming products currently on the market and there are no new chemical classes in research to replace them. I know that removing manure with the Super Scooper eliminates the potential of worm contamination from positive horses and helps keep our horses more worm free. Super Scooper is the new piece of equipment on the market that is an invaluable tool for fly and equine worm control and whose time has come. 

It did great on the pine cones, and picked up some of the  dog poo. We have been busy trying to do some of the paddocks. Yes we have lots of rocks and the bottom of the scooper is really scarred up.  It picks  up rocks, bottle of water and gloves, anything that I drop it picks it up.
It works great on dried horse poo.  We have a belgium (big horse) and we are trying to get that pasture cleaned up.  We have never picked up in it before so this is a job. If the grass is thick  it will not  pick up but does great on thin and short grass.We will keep the scooper, so much better than picking up with the rake. 
 – J Moore -Southern Virginia

I purchased my Super Scooper two weeks ago and love it! It can be towed behind a Quad Bike, lawn mower and is extremely user friendly. Tow to collect manure then fold wheels under and use as a trailer to take poo to your garden. Check out the footage of the Super Scooper in action – You’ll be sold too!!

 – Dandenong Ranges Horse and Pony Club, Victoria

I received my Super Scooper yesterday and I’m so happy with it. —I save so much time not to mention my back. I’ve recommended it to all of my friends and their going to purchase one too

– Sarah Bronson, Toowoomba, New South Wales

Brilliant product. The system tows beautifully. Picked up poop very quickly and I had a 1 acre area done in  a very short space of time…

– Michael Thompson, Armidale, New South Wales

As a long sufferer of back and shoulder pain, the Super Scooper has been wonderful. I have my weekends back and no longer spend hours cleaning up manure with a wheel barrow and shovel….the Super Scooper is fantastic!

– Bethany Myer, Toowoomba, Queensland

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William LaPorte We
have one and it is great! If they could just modify it so it was easier to
dump, it would be golden.

Jan Adkins Its
the best field manure removal equipment ever.. hook up to a ATV, riding lawn
mower or 4 wheeler ..